Not to be mistaken with mosquito nettings and security doors or windows, security meshes are an innovation that replaces conventional home security while elevating your home aesthetics to the next level. In this article, we will be exploring what a security mesh system is and how it can play an important role in keeping your home safe.

What is a Security Mesh?

Security Mesh and some call it Security Screens are made from a high-tensile stainless steel wire formed into a mesh system designed to prevent intrusion like forced entries and break-ins while maintaining optimal vision and airflow. The security mesh can be placed into a number of types of windows and doors such as casement windows, sliding doors, swing doors, fixed panels, and many more.

Home structures ranging from low-rise apartments to large bungalows very differently based on their architectural design, location, materials, and purpose which in turn requires different variants of security and safety needs.

Panther Protect Security Mesh Systems are made from premium SS 316 marine grade quality stainless steel wires that are woven into a fine mesh capable of withstanding various kinds of intrusion that exceeds the Australian Standards while keeping out mosquitoes and maintaining airflow within the home.

Protection and Safety Benefits of Security Mesh Systems

The main purpose of security mesh systems is to replace the conventional use of mosquito nettings, security doors/windows, and metal grilles of current homes. In comparison, security meshes are highly resilient to external elements such as rain, sunlight, seawater, and strong winds that would compromise the durability of the mesh. In turn when your security system is durable, so does its resilience against forced intrusion.

Panther Protect Security Meshes as a premium Australian brand, are engineered to combat advanced levels of intrusion, harsh weather conditions, and a variety of hazards through state-of-the-art and patented screw-less mesh technology to avoid galvanic corrosion that is prevalent on screw-on type of stainless steel meshes. Panther Protect Security Mesh durability is proven in the mesh itself that went through various tests against heat, wind, seawater, bush fire, corrosion, knife sheer and exceeded 20 times the impact required by the Australian standards. Also, we have appointed an independent NATA Accredited Laboratory for further testing.

Australian Standard

To push security to its limits, Panther Protect Security Meshes are affixed to a high-grade 6063 aluminum steel frame and equipped with 2-3 multipoint lock systems ensuring the best structural integrity of the mesh to prevent burglary or external hostility. In comparison to the conventional metal grilles that are subjected to high levels of deterioration and weak spots, Panther Protect Security Meshes last longer and champions all types of weather conditions which can be seen as a preferred long-term security investment for your home.

Other Benefits of Security Meshes

Besides security meshes capable of keeping your home safe and secure, Panther Protect Security Mesh System has been designed to look great and boast several other benefits.

Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay
Another function for security meshes is to prevent insects such as mosquitoes and flies from entering the house while preserving airflow and vision from indoors. Now you can enjoy an open window or door without worrying about the risk of catching an insect-transmitted disease.

Enjoy Unobstructed View
Have a nice garden to show off? Or a beautiful landscape/view you wish to enjoy from the comfort of your room? Security meshes provide unparalleled vision compared to the conventional metal grilles being in the way.

UV Protection
SS316 marine grade stainless steel mesh also provides up to 60% UV Protection from harsh sunlight, cooling the house down during the daytime and minimizing sun glares.

Ventilate Your Home with Natural Air Flow
You can now improve the air quality of your home as Panther Protect Security Meshes allow active natural airflow within your home without the use of any electrical ventilators. Security meshes can save your electricity bill up to 10 to 30 percent while removing external air pollutants.

Child Safety Features
With the upgraded Panther Protect Premium Gen 4 Security System, homeowners are now able to lock their security meshes with a unique key to avoid further tempering from intruders and preventing children from accidentally opening the door/window.

Protect Your Home in Style
Using the conventional metal grille can possibly be subjected to rust and deface the external facade of your home. Instead of making your home look like a cage, installing security mesh systems will further elevate your home architecture with its elegant and modern design that shows how Panther Protect can keep your home safe and look great doing it.