Metal Grilles in the context of home security is structural fixture made to deter intruders from entering the residence mainly made from stainless steel, aluminum, iron, wood, or concrete. The most common form of grilles in Malaysian homes is made from thin metal bars welded together at the joints to create a net-like structure with the design to limit movement.

However, these security fixtures do not meet any security standards and pose multiple risk factors to homeowners in the long term.

Highly Susceptible to Rust and Corrosion

The materials used for metal grilles are prone to rust and corrosion because most grilles are painted-over iron and with slight abrasion on the surface of the grill will start the rusting process (oxidation) eventually leading to corrosion holes. Moreover, most metal grilles are not made from T6 Alloys and 316 stainless steel (added minerals/metals to the component) to be resistant to rust and corrosion, which is not a good option to have especially if the home is based in a high humidity country like Malaysia.


Poor Structural Integrity

One of the main contributing factors to the weak structural form of the metal grille system is because metal grilles are mainly made from hollow Iron bars, welding solid iron together will be too heavy and costly for homeowners. Adding in the factor of rust and corrosion along with simple spot welding becomes the weakest type of security for preventing intruders from entering.

Weak Security Against Intruders

As mentioned above, metal grilles are made from hollow iron bars joined together using spot welding methods that are prone to rust and corrosion in the long term do not provide sufficient security for the home. Intruders can easily kick or bash using a blunt tool at the conjoining point where the bars intersect, added with the rust and corrosion – the metal grille does not stand a chance against the force of impact. Moreover, most metal grilles fixed in Malaysian homes do not have any form of certification or go through lab tests.

Living Hazard

The way of accessing through the metal grille system is by padlock and latches which are proven to be the least efficient way of exiting out of the house in case of an emergency. Panther Protect Security Mesh System features a multi-point lock system managed through a single latch mechanism and it is inaccessible from the outside to hinder tampering while providing the easiest way for exiting the house.

No Insect Prevention

Most homeowners can relate to the problem of having insects entering their homes when they open their doors/windows for ventilation. Metal grilles are not made to prevent insects from entering while the Security Mesh System is able to prevent insects from entering while allowing air to flow through.

Outdated Aesthetics

Modern Homeowners are starting to move out from the cage-like metal grille system because living in a home enclosed with metal bars tends to portray living in a prison cell. Panther Protect Security Mesh System transforms the house aesthetics with a sleek and modern design take on home security where the style meets safety.

Latest Advancement in Home Security

Panther Protect Security Mesh has been at the forefront of home security to replace the conventional metal grille system in Malaysia. The materials used are from 316 marine grade stainless steel wires woven together to create a 0.9mm mesh, thick enough to deter intruders from entering while secured with a T6 Aluminium Alloy frame for optimal safety.

All of the mesh products are powder coated as an added layer of protection from rust and corrosion and secured with our patented screw-less mesh technology making Panther Protect Security Mesh Products last for a long time. We even have warranties covering for a decade!

The list of benefits goes on and you can read all about it here.