Security grilles as a form of protection against intruders are commonly seen in Malaysian homes for many years of domestic living. Made mainly from stainless steel, aluminum, wood, or concrete to cover up the points of entry of the home. Most standard grille systems are made from thin metal bars welded together posing multiple risks to homeowners and not meeting security standards. Panther Protect has engineered its security mesh system to combat modern methods of intrusion while lasting longer than the conventional metal grille.

One of the main features of Panther Protect Security Meshes that sets itself apart from metal grilles is the ease of access. Homeowners are able to exit easily from their doors/windows when there is an emergency compared to the metal grilles affixed to the wall. The locking system for security meshes is also engineered to allow quick release of the locks compared to the conventional padlocks.

On the other hand, Metal grills are made from thin individual bars being welded together at their joints to form a structure to inhibit intruders from entering. Sometimes for cheaper grilles, the metal bars are hollow and very susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Panther Protect Security Meshes provides uncompromised security to homeowners as it is fixed using the patented screw-less mesh technology where the
mesh system is being held by the entire frame without any screws drilled in to mitigate the force of impact and avoid galvanic corrosion. The security mesh system is covered by a layer of powder coating, making it last longer than the conventional metal grille against corrosion.

Another benefit homeowners will experience is the enjoyment of natural air breeze ventilation throughout the home without the worry of any pesky bugs entering such as mosquitoes and flies. Metal grilles are not perforated like security meshes and possess the risk of inviting pests into homes when opened.

Security meshes are able to elevate the home aesthetics
by providing a clean and sophisticated look, compared to metal grille systems having the reputation of making the home look like a prison cell. Panther Protect customers have even claimed the security mesh system has increased the home resale value!

Panther Protect Security Meshes provide a plethora of benefits for your home as a preferred alternative to metal grilles. Find out more by clicking here.