Here at Panther Protect, we are always innovating towards improving the security standards of homes. Understanding the aspects of how the intruder would behave and the new methods used to infiltrate home security. The Premium Gen 4 will be targeting specific issues with current security meshes available in Malaysia while boasting additional safety benefits.

Multipoint Bolt Lock With Unique Key

Panther Protect Premium Multipoint Bolt LockGen 4

The multipoint security bolt lock adds another layer of security to our security mesh casement and sliding windows to prevent the intruder from opening the windows with an impact or prying tool.  It comes with a unique key, empowering homeowners the option to lock down the multipoint locks from indoor for maximum protection when needed. (i.e when the home is vacant or the owner is away from home for long periods of time)

When the Multipoint locks are secured, it is almost impossible to tamper with the window handle to unlock it. Securing the locks will prevent children from accidentally opening the security mesh windows, further minimizing the falling risk commonly associated with families living in high-rise residences.

Multipoint Flushbolt Lock With Key

Panther Protect Premium Gen 4 Multipoint Flushbolt Lock With Key

Panther Protect invented the Multipoint Flushbolt Lock With Key as the first of its kind in Malaysia to add another layer of protection to the sliding system.

Similar to the casement window’s handle to activate the multipoint locks, the Multipoint Flushbolt Lock is a sleek and less visible locking mechanism to lock down the sliding door/window from indoors. The slim design of a Flushbolt lock, allows homeowners to overcome space constraints between their glass panel doors with the security mesh panel.

The lock system is positioned to be opened from indoors to obscure the visibility of the lock and adds another level of difficulty for the intruder to tamper with the locking mechanism. When the lock is engaged using the unique key provided and combined with the visibility difficulty, it becomes almost impossible for the multipoint locks to be tampered with by advanced burglars.

Hooked Bolt

Panther Protect Premium Gen 4 Hooked Bolt

Most regular door locks are equipped with a straight bolt locking system without the support of other locking points and are not enough to provide sufficient protection.

For our swing door profile, we are permanently upgrading the straight bolt lock into a hook-shaped bolt to further increase the difficulty level when prying. Equipped together with the other supporting lock points makes The Premium Gen 4 is a unique locking system needed for any home security system.

Anti-Snap Cylinder

Panther Protect Premium Anti-Snap Cylinder Gen 4

Aluminum framed doors in Malaysia are mainly equipped with a Euro Profile Lock Cylinder vulnerable to lock snapping, a break-in method that requires ZERO skill to adopt and has become a common practice among burglars. When the Euro Cylinder is snapped, the lock cam will be exposed for the burglar to unlock the door with ease.

Panther Protect Anti-Snap Cylinder is made to defend against lock snapping attacks as it is fitted flushed into the lock body to reduce tool grip and snapping. With the sacrificial snap line in place, the cylinder will break away from the internal locking mechanism and prevent further tampering. This prevents the intruder from lock snapping.