How do I book for a site measurement?
We offer free site measurement and consultation by our product specialist if your home is within Malaysia’s Klang Valley region. You can start by clicking here to fill up the form.
I’m having issues with my security mesh, How do I report it?
You may contact your assigned Product Specialist or contact us directly here by clicking this link.
Our customer service team will be in touch with you shortly.
What is the process of installing Panther Protect Security Mesh?
You may refer to the 5 simple steps of installing our security mesh system.
Can I get my own contractor to install your Security Mesh System?
You are able to purchase our security mesh system (with accurate measurements from your contractor) and install it yourself but the 10-15 year warranty will void. We highly recommend appointing our Certified Panther Protect Installers to install as it is part of the package.
I am an Interior Designer (ID)/ Contractor, How do I supply Panther Protect Security Mesh to my clients?
We have an extensive partnership program with our industry partners, feel free to reach out by dropping us a message here and we will be with you shortly !
Are your products covered by warranty?
Yes, all of our products are covered by warranty depending on what product range selected. Our Premium range has a warranty coverage of 15 years for our mesh against corrosion and 10 years for powder coating ,frame and accessories. The Deluxe range has 10 years for mesh against corrosion, 10 years for powder coating and frame, and 6 years for accessories. For full details on our warranty program, you may refer to it by clicking this link here.
What product range can I choose from?
We have 3 different product range to choose from for every household needs,

For more details you may click this link here.
How do I become a Certified Panther Protect Product Specialist?
We are always looking talented individuals interested in joining us on a mission to make our client’s home a safe place to live in, feel free to send in your request here at our Contact Us form.
I live outside of The Klang Valley Region, can I still purchase your product?
Yes, we cover areas outside of Klang Valley as well. However, it is subjected to order size. Outstation installation has delivery and overnight surcharge applied.


How safe are your products against forced entry?
All of our products are tested for various types of forced entry and environmental resistance. We have exceeded 20 times the impact required by The Australian Standards of Security. These are all achievable because our mesh is made by High Grade SS316 Stainless Steel and secured by 6063 T6 Aluminum Grade Alloy with a mesh thickness ranging from 1.0 mm to 0.9 mm before powder coating.
Also to add, we have 3 different lock types in a single frame to prevent impact, jamming and prying actions from the intruder
Read all about it here
What are the key differences of Panther Protect Security Meshes compared to other brands in the market?
Panther Protect Security Mesh is the only patented screw-less mesh retention system available in Malaysia to ensure the mesh remains intact and to avoid galvanic corrosion (caused by contact of dissimilar metals) with the purpose to last longer than other security meshes in the market. Also, the mesh system is made from SS316 High Grade Stainless Steel and the frame is made from 6063 T6 Aluminum Grade Alloy. The security mesh system is equipped with multiple locking system to keep you safe and secure.
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Do I need to knock down walls or replace my door/window to install your security meshes?
No, you don’t need to knock down any walls or remove any existing doors/windows to install our Panther Protect Security Mesh System. Our products are all custom made to fit your home structure, make sure to book an appointment for site measurement with our Certified Panther Protect Product Specialist.
What is the timeline of installing Panther Protect Security Mesh?
We recommend our clients to plan in advance prior to the installation date of our security meshes as all of our products are custom made to fit the structure of your home.
1. Site measurement and quotation.
2. Confirm order and 50% down payment.
3. Final site measurement within 2 weeks. (Provided site is ready)
4. Production of security mesh. (1 Month)
5. Complete balance payment.
6. Installation within 45 days after final site measurement done by AMAX provided that 100% quotation amount is paid 7 days before installation.
How do I clean my security mesh?
It is recommended to wash your security mesh once every 2 weeks.
Instructions for washing:
Shake well and add 1 capful (50ml) of Panther Wash to a bucket (3L) of warm water; mix thoroughly until foam develops. Wash surface with a soft microfiber cloth or sponge to loosen and remove any debris or contaminants; thoroughly rinse with clean water. Repeat wash for heavy or stubborn dirt areas then dry with a microfiber cloth. You may use a soft brush while cleaning to scrape off stubborn dirt.