Home and architectural aesthetics vary from home to home such as the variation of windows can be in the forms of casement or sliding. Doors as well can be in form of swing, sliding, or folding. These variations of doors and windows possess different mechanisms with different capacities to withstand the force of intrusion from intruders. Here at Panther Protect, our first priority is your safety as our security meshes are the first line of defense against hostility and external elements without compromising your house’s structural integrity.

We will be taking a closer look at the benefits of installing security mesh windows and doors for your home and what areas to consider when purchasing your very own security mesh system.

What is a security mesh?

The main purpose of the innovation of security meshes is to replace the conventional metal grille and security doors/windows. Security Meshes are made from high-tensile stainless steel wires woven into a form of mesh with a minimum thickness of 0.9mm before powder coating to be effective against forced intrusion (Intruders). Therefore it is important to understand the difference in the material used for meshes will determine the security level of your home. High-grade stainless steel meshes are the best for resistance against impact, shear, and corrosion.

The Advantages of Security Mesh

Best Home Protection Against Forced Entry
Panther Protect Security Mesh System
are lab tested to exceed the Australian standard impact limit of forced entry by 20 times, offering you much better security versus simple metal grille installation. Also, the multiple lock point system further enhances your existing door and window with a single lock point.

Prevention of Insect Transmitted Diseases
In certain countries with high levels of insect-transmitted diseases such as malaria and dengue, prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions can be prevented by installing security meshes.

Improved View with Privacy
Security meshes are designed to allow homeowners to have an unobstructed view of the outside environment while sitting indoors. You will be able to enjoy the look of your beautiful landscaping while outsiders are not able to view your home.

Home Ventilation
Ventilating your home with a natural air breeze is estimated to use 10 to 30 percent less energy consumption than an electric-powered ventilation system. Security meshes are designed as well to improve air circulation in your home, removing airborne pollutants.

Child Safety
Panther Protect Security Meshes went a step further on providing a comprehensive locking system for homeowners to lock down their security mesh systems with a unique key to prevent minors from accidentally opening the security meshes and falling through the door/window. The locking system can be further upgraded into a Panther Protect Premium Gen 4 series.

UV Protection
SS316 marine grade stainless steel meshes protect your home from harsh sunlight as well, cutting up to 60% of UV Ray.

Hassle-Free Installation
The installation of Panther Protect Security Mesh Systems does not require homeowners to knock down walls or to build new structures. The mesh system can be installed with the existing glass windows or wooden doors.

Improving Home Aesthetics
Commonly most houses have iron bars and grilles that are prone to corrosion over time, defacing the external facade of the house and compromising security standards.

Key Features to Look Out for When Purchasing Security Mesh System

There are a number of brands that may offer some form of security meshes that could be highly mistaken for mosquito screens or do not meet security standards. Therefore it is important to know what to look out for when purchasing your very own security mesh system.

  1. The material used for producing the security mesh.
  2. The security mesh must have a form of certification and tests to meet security standards.
  3. The thickness of the mesh before powder coating (Some security mesh brands may claim the thickness of their mesh is 1.2mm and above, be sure to ask for the measurement before powder coating)
  4. The quality and material of the Frame holding the mesh (must meet the industry-grade of 6063 T6 Aluminum Grade Alloy)
  5. Locking system (i.e. the number of multipoint locks and the function of the locks)
  6. Method to install the mesh. (Screw-less versus Screw-on )
  7. The warranty period of the mesh.

After this, we hope you are able to select the right type of security mesh for your home and experience all the benefits it has to offer. High-grade security meshes are the best for long-term protection and value for money.