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*No successful break-in' through PREMIUM Gen4 range
until 3/5/2024.

*No successful break-in' through PREMIUM Gen4 range until 3/5/2024

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Zero successful break-ins

panels produced.




Welcome to Panther Protect

Panther Protect security mesh systems use advanced technology to bring you a new standard in home security.

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Superior Home Security solution

Our security mesh systems are coupled with screw-less mesh retention mechanism and 3 types of multipoint lock types.


Zero Successful
Break-in Record

Certified and Tested

Our security mesh systems currently hold 8 years of zero successful break-ins record for our Premium Gen 4 Range.

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Certified and Tested

Hassle Free Protection

Exceeding 20x the impact required by The Australian Standard and withstanding 1 tonne weighted load test by SIRIM.

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Why Choose Us


Our mesh systems are designed and engineered by placing your safety and security as our top priority.

15 Years Warranty

Depending on your choice of Panther Protect product, it will carry a warranty period of up to 15 years.

Zero Successful Break-ins

Our product has currently recorded 0 successful break-ins in 8 years for the PREMIUM Gen 4 range.

Australia Premium Product

Panther Protect is a premium security mesh brand from Australia.

Improved Air-flow

Excellent in controlling the airflow through your home without the use of an air conditioner while also bolstering your home security.

Prevention from Insects

Providing the same insect/pest-prevention benefits as mosquito netting but also deter intruders from entering the premises.

Good Visibility

Ability to see through perforated aluminium mesh screens without interrupting the views from your property.

Who We Are

Proven Track Record of Zero Successful Break-Ins

Panther Protect security mesh doors and windows use advanced technology to bring you a new standard in home security. We offer the only security screen in Malaysia that has a full range of doors & windows and advanced mesh retention design (screw-less mesh retaining technology). 

Our Product Range

Panther Protect Security Mesh

Our mesh systems are designed and engineered by placing your safety and security as our top priority.

Premium Security Mesh

Best in class security performance against forced intrusion.

Deluxe Security Mesh

Affordable and proven security mesh system.

Enhanced Mosquito Net

Reliable and effective protection against insects.


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Sliding Door

Premium Gen-4 System

Multipoint Bolt Lock with Key

Adding another layer of security to our casement and sliding window panels. Locking down the multipoint locks from inside to prevent further tempering.

Enhances protection for casement and sliding windows, allowing indoor locking, preventing tampering, and accidental openings, especially in elevated areas.

Premium Gen-4 System

Multipoint Flush Bolt Lock with Key

Used to secure and lock multipoint locks for sliding doors/windows from indoor making it impossible to be tempered with. This locking system saves space and has no point of access for intruders to disengage the locking system.

Adds an extra security layer to sliding mesh systems, preventing tampering once engaged and reducing the risk of accidental openings, particularly in high-rise residences

Premium Gen-4 System

Anti-Snap Cylinder

Defending againts lock snapping attacks as it is fitted as flushed as possible to the lock body to reduce tool grip for snapping. When additonal force is applied, the cylinder will break away to reduce further tampering.

Counters lock snapping in aluminum frame door systems, reducing tool grip, and breaking in a way that prevents further manipulation, effectively safeguarding against break-ins.

About Abra Safe


At ABRA ALUMINIUM PTY LTD, we supply and specialise in aluminium extrusions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications servicing the Safety, Building and Aluminium Extrusion industries.

Whether it is bringing a concept to reality, supplying exclusive aluminium extrusion shapes or providing general aluminium needs, we will tailor the most efficient and cost-effective package available.

Through consultation with our vast supply network, our philosophy is that a tailored package is not difficult, it just takes fine tuning. No matter how big, small or complex it is, we would be all too happy in fulfilling your enquiry.

Premium Gen-4 System

Hooked Bolt

The newly added Hooked Bolt to the multipoint locking system further supports the straight bolt and other locks, increasing the difficulty level when prying doors.

Provides enhanced security by upgrading from a single bolt lock to a hook-shaped bolt in swing door profiles, significantly increasing resistance to intrusion.